Jenny Seagrove in A Dangerous Kind of Love

In 1986, Jenny Seagrove starred in a TV movie called A Dangerous Kind of Love. There is very little information available regarding this project...I certainly haven't seen it and I don't know if it is even out there to be seen. It was a BBC production that was part of a series of three teleplays called Mountain Men, which concerned climbers who were the first to scale certain mountains. In A Dangerous Kind of Love Jenny Seagrove plays Lucy Walker, who in 1871 was the first woman to climb the Matterhorn.

Here is a pic of Jenny Seagrove and her co-star Oliver Tobias for A Dangerous Kind of Love:

Autographed photos of Jenny Seagrove

Here are a bunch of autographed photos of Jenny Seagrove. I can't say whether these signatures are authentic, but I can verify that the pictures themselves are excellent!

Here's a few autographed pics from various movies:

Nate and Hayes aka Savage Islands

Appointment with Death

The Guardian

Jenny Seagrove in A Chorus of Disapproval

In 1989, Jenny Seagrove co-starred in a large ensemble cast in the movie A Chorus of Disapproval, a film starring Jeremy Irons and Anthony Hopkins (amongst many others) about the people involved in a local theater production in a small town in Wales. The film was adapted from a play by Alan Ayckbourn and was directed by Michael Winner, who had directed Jenny Seagrove in Appointment with Death in 1988. Jenny Seagrove's character, Fay Hubbard, was quite different from the roles she had previously been associated with, as this character was a bit sleazy, a swinger and a liked to drink.

Here are some images of Jenny Seagrove in A Chorus of Disapproval: