Jenny Seagrove in The Betrothed

In 1989, Jenny Seagrove appeared in an Italian miniseries which was an adaptation of the oft-filmed novel The Betrothed (I promessi sposi). The project attracted a number of internationally famous actors including Burt Lancaster, Franco Nero, F. Murray Abraham, Helmut Berger, Fernando Rey and others, plus a musical score from Ennio Morricone.

This Italian-language television mini-series is fairly obscure, especially to Seagrove fans, and English subtitles don't seem to exist. However, there's always hope that something like this will be made available for viewers worldwide to enjoy.

Here is a promotional image of Jenny Seagrove in her nun costume for The Betrothed:

2 promotional images from The Guardian

As many of you are aware, Jenny Seagrove starred in William Friedkin's 1990 horror film The Guardian. The lovely actress did a terrific job with her role and any Seagrove fan, regardless if they like horror movies or not, would be well advised to take a look at her performance in the project.

Here are two more promo pictures of Jenny Seagrove for The Guardian:

A photo of Jenny Seagrove and Daniel Gerroll

Here is a fantastic image of Jenny Seagrove and Daniel Gerroll, one of her co-stars from the 1982 television miniseries The Woman in White.