Jenny Seagrove in Savage Islands

In 1983, Jenny Seagrove had her first big feature film role in a movie called Nate and Hayes. In the UK, the movie was given the infinitely better title of Savage Islands. Regardless of what you call it, one thing is certain: Jenny Seagrove was absolutely lovely in the film. Click here for some other photos and information. Meanwhile, here are two great photos from the movie:

Jenny Seagrove and Tommy Lee Jones

Jenny Seagrove about to be sacrificed

Some photos of Jenny Seagrove from Local Hero

Here is a trio of pictures of Jenny Seagrove from the 1983 film Local Hero, a movie in which she had a small but quite memorable role.

Various photos of Jenny Seagrove

Here is a random selection of Jenny Seagrove headshots from over the years. Enjoy!

More images of Jenny Seagrove in The Guardian

In 1990, Jenny Seagrove starred in The Guardian, a horror film directed by William Friedkin. The movie, which co-starred Dwier Brown and Carey Lowell, was another opportunity fpr Jenny Seagrove to establish herself as an American cinema star. The Guardian, however, was not a big hit at the time of it's release and Jenny Seagrove would never again reach for such large scale success in a feature film. The good news is that The Guardian has become a bit of cult classic in recent years, the internet playing a big part in making this possible (as has been the case for many such films that were not well received when they were originally released). Truthfully, it is certainly not the best movie ever, or even of it's type, but nonetheless it is certainly not a bad film either. The Guardian is actually quite fun and enjoyable, especially for those willing to watch it with an open mind and a positive attitude.

Photos of Jenny Seagrove from The Guardian

First, here are two photos of Jenny Seagrove and her co-star in The Guardian, Carey Lowell:

And here are a handful of various pictures of Jenny Seagrove from The Guardian: