Jenny Seagrove: "Country Bumpkin English Rose"

Here's a great newspaper article about actress Jenny Seagrove from 1992. In this piece, Jenny Seagrove talks frankly about her career and love life. At this point she was still in a relationship with director Michael Winner and this is discussed quite a bit. As you might know, 1992 was the year that Jenny Seagrove transitioned back into stage work after doing film and television steadily for a decade. It is mentioned in the article that she is doing a stage play in Wales at the time of publication and that her second Sherlock Holmes project would be released shortly. I'm not sure if it is mentioned outright that she would be giving up movies and TV indefinitely at this point (she wouldn't do another film until 1999).

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Jenny Seagrove gets married...and divorced

In 1984, Jenny Seagrove got married to actor Madhav Sharma. Four years later they were divorced. The divorce received quite a bit of press attention in the UK and, when the divorce was finalized, the international press picked up the story. Apparently, the marriage was not a happy one.

Jenny Seagrove gets married:

Jenny Seagrove gets divorced:

Jenny Seagrove at her divorce hearing

Clip of Jenny Seagrove in Appointment with Death

Here's a short clip of Jenny Seagrove in her 1988 film Appointment with Death. In this scene, Dr. Sarah King begins by waiting for a visit by a young man at a Middle Eastern night spot. Shortly thereafter, the guy's sister, Carol Boynton (played by Valerie Richards) shows up and the two have a chat.

Clip of Jenny Seagrove on The Hitchhiker

In 1985, Jenny Seagrove appeared as the featured guest star in an episode of the thriller anthology The Hitchhiker. The episode, titled 'The Killer', found Jenny Seagrove in a mansion, wheelchair-bound and hiding from a vicious murderer. This clip is a small sample from a very entertaining piece of television.

German promotional image for The Guardian

Here's a cool program cover for Jenny Seagrove's 1990 horror movie The Guardian. The German title for the film is Das Kindermädchen.