Jenny Seagrove in Incident at Victoria Falls

In 1991 (some sources say 1992), Jenny Seagrove appeared in her second Sherlock Holmes project, Incident at Victoria Falls. Previously, she had co-starred as Miss Mary Morstan in a 1987 production of The Sign of Four. In Incident at Victoria Falls, Jenny Seagrove portrays historical figure Lillie Langtry and other historical figures are also present, including characterizations of Theodore Roosevelt, King Edward VII and Italian inventor Guglielmo Marconi. Incident at Victoria Falls takes place circa 1910.

Incident at Victoria Falls was the second and final telefilm in the Sherlock Holmes: The Golden Years series. Sherlock Holmes was played by Christopher Lee and Dr. Watson was played by Patrick Macnee, both veteran UK actors. The project is really two full length features, at about 90 minutes apiece. A butchered version appeared in the USA, running approximately 90 minutes total. This heavily abridged version essentially removes Jenny Seagrove's role, allowing her to only appear during the climax at the end of the film. In the unabridged version, Jenny Seagrove has several scenes throughout the first part of the movie but is largely absent during the second section.

Jenny Seagrove, as Lillie Langtree, gets to wear a variety of costumes, ranging from elegant to flamboyant. She plays her part very well and brings a great deal of energy to the role. Jenny Seagrove delivers her usual charm and looks quite lovely too. Incident at Victoria Falls was one of her last projects before putting aside cinema and television work so she could return to the theater for most of the 1990s.

Here are some images of Jenny Seagrove in Incident at Victoria Falls:

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