Jenny Seagrove in Nate and Hayes

In 1983, Jenny Seagrove was featured as the female lead in the pirate adventure Nate and Hayes. This was her first big feature film role, though she had smaller roles in the movies Moonlighting and Local Hero prior to this. Nate and Hayes also offered an opportunity for wide exposure in the USA and worldwide. However, despite being very engaging and well done, the film seemed to be misinterpreted by critics and box office figures turned out to be less than extraordinary. After Nate and Hayes, Jenny Seagrove began to focus exclusively on television work and wouldn't appear in another feature film until Appointment with Death five years later. Perhaps if Nate and Hayes had been more successful she would have done more movies.

Here are some promotional images of Jenny Seagrove in Nate and Hayes:

Here are some images of Jenny Seagrove in Nate and Hayes:

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