Jenny Seagrove in The Guardian

In 1990, Jenny Seagrove starred in The Guardian, a horror film about a young couple who unwittingly hire a pagan nanny. Director William Friedkin had gained fame with The Exorcist, one of the best known horror films of all time. A little over 15 years later, he decided to try his hand at the genre again and the result was The Guardian. I'll admit that I enjoyed the film but that does not seem to be the popular opinion. The movie did not fare very well with critics or box office patrons, leading star Jenny Seagrove to again abandon feature films (her previous attempt to launch a major motion picture career with 1983's Nate and Hayes had similarly failed).

A couple of newspaper clippings:

Star-News (June 11, 1989)

Record-Journal (October 28, 1990)

Here are some promotional images of Jenny Seagrove in The Guardian:

Here are some images of Jenny Seagrove in The Guardian:

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