Promotional images of Jenny Seagrove for In Like Flynn

In 1985, Jenny Seagrove starred in In Like Flynn. The TV movie was a pilot for a proposed series, loosely based on the film Romancing the Stone. The project did not end up getting made into a weekly TV show but the pilot film still exists and stands a fine piece of campy mid-'80s entertainment.

Jenny Seagrove as Terri McLane in In Like Flynn

Besides star Jenny Seagrove, In Like Flynn also featured a number of other semi-well known actors. The biggest name in the film would obviously be William Conrad, who was well known for his work on television. Veteran actors Eddie Albert, Robert Webber and Maury Chaykin also had roles in the project. Jenny Seagrove's 'leading man' was played by William Gray Espy, an actor who had only worked occasionally beginning in 1972. He gives a capable performance in In Like Flynn but one feels that perhaps his role could have been better cast.

Here are two photos of Jenny Seagrove and her co-star William Gray Espy in In Like Flynn:

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