Jenny Seagrove: "Country Bumpkin English Rose"

Here's a great newspaper article about actress Jenny Seagrove from 1992. In this piece, Jenny Seagrove talks frankly about her career and love life. At this point she was still in a relationship with director Michael Winner and this is discussed quite a bit. As you might know, 1992 was the year that Jenny Seagrove transitioned back into stage work after doing film and television steadily for a decade. It is mentioned in the article that she is doing a stage play in Wales at the time of publication and that her second Sherlock Holmes project would be released shortly. I'm not sure if it is mentioned outright that she would be giving up movies and TV indefinitely at this point (she wouldn't do another film until 1999).

You will have to click on the article below to see it big enough to read:

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