Jenny Seagrove in A Woman of Substance (part 1)

A Woman of Substance is one of the best television miniseries of all time and this is due in no small part to the principal actress, Jenny Seagrove. She had only been acting on screen for two years but in 1984, Jenny Seagrove was more than ready to carry this project. She not only looked stunningly beautiful, she was able to convey a range of emotions. Jenny Seagrove's charm, lovely demeanor, unique voice and acting skills all came together into an excellent whole. Couple this with an excellent support cast and fine cinematography and you have great miniseries.

A Woman of Substance is a rags to riches story and, of course, it begins with the rage. Jenny Seagrove portrays Emma Harte, a young Yorkshire lass who works as a housemaid for the wealthy Fairley family. The first section of this three part miniseries deals with how young Emma comes to hate the Fairleys and establishes some of the relationships she will keep throughout her life.

Jenny Seagrove does a fantastic job here. Wonderful acting aside, she looks simply amazing and her intriguing looks dominate the screen. One can imagine this being broadcast in America back in late 1984, where so many were sure to be unfamiliar with her, and I am sure that the actress must have gained some admirers.

Here are some images of Jenny Seagrove in the first part of A Woman of Substance:

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