Jenny Seagrove in A Woman of Substance (part 3)

In the third section of the 3 part miniseries A Woman of Substance, we get some closure to the story of Emma Harte. However, one feels that this particular section could have been longer as it feels a bit crammed with information and events. For instance, her romance with Barry Bostwick's character begins and ends very quickly, even though it happens over the course of many years. Some viewers of A Woman of Substance may have enjoyed the succinctness of this episode but I think I would have preferred it be split into two sections.

As for star Jenny Seagrove in the concluding episode, she does a great job playing a somewhat older Emma Harte. This time around she gets to show off some different hairstyles. The actress also does the best she can to work with actor Barry Bostwick, but for me he is miscast as her Australian lover and much of what he does onscreen borders on the bizarre.

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