Jenny Seagrove on The Hitchhiker

In 1985, Jenny Seagrove guest starred in an episode of the mystery/horror series The Hitchhiker. In the episode, entitled 'The Killer', Jenny Seagrove portrays Meg, a woman from a wealthy family who is bound to a wheelchair. When her family members and the household staff all suddenly turn up dead, Meg must try to evade a killer who is stalking her through the house.

Earlier in 1985, Jenny Seagrove had starred in a television pilot film called In Like Flynn, which was produced in Canada. Likewise, The Hitchhiker is a Canadian production.

Here is a newspaper clipping about the episode:

Waycross Journal-Herald (November 11, 1985)

Here are some images of Jenny Seagrove on The Hitchhiker:

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