Jenny Seagrove in Deadly Game

In 1991, Jenny Seagrove co-starred with Michael Beck and Roddy McDowall in Deadly Game, a made-for-cable TV movie. The plot is a familiar one: a group of people who are strangers to each other are all mysteriously invited to an island whereupon they realize that they all have something in common and they are being hunted and killed off one by one. The cast is made up of a number of television and film veterans including the aforementioned Michael Beck and Roddy McDowall, plus Mitch Ryan, Marc Singer, Soon-Tek Oh and John Pleshette. Produced by Paramount Television for the USA Network, Deadly Game is fun romp through familiar territory, but enlivened by the presence of so many familiar faces. As the leading lady, Jenny Seagrove portrays Lucy and plays a key role, taking part in the exciting climax of the movie.

Here are some images of Jenny Seagrove in Deadly Game:

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