Jenny Seagrove in Hold the Dream

The sequel to the Emmy nominated TV miniseries A Woman of Substance, Hold the Dream continues the story of Emma Harte. In 1984's A Woman of Substance, Jenny Seagrove played young Emma Harte and in 1986's Hold the Dream she plays Emma Harte's granddaughter Paula Fairley. A wise casting decision, since Jenny Seagrove had been such an integral part of the success of the original miniseries.

The cast of Hold the Dream includes Deborah Kerr as old Emma Harte, Liam Neeson reprising his role as Blackie O'Neill and Stephen Collins as Blackie's grandson Shane who is Jenny Seagrove's love interest. Also featured are John Mills, James Brolin, Fiona Fullerton, Nigel Havers and Claire Bloom.

One thing you may notice if you watch Hold the Dream is the massive number of costume changes for Jenny Seagrove's character. Something like this wouldn't normally be so noticeable but due to striking colors and bold fashions you begin to see that she is in a new outfit every five minutes or so.

Have a look at some images of Jenny Seagrove appearing in Hold the Dream:

Part one

Part two

Part three

Part four

Here are some promotional materials for Hold The Dream:

Summary of Hold the Dream from The Modesto Bee (October 26, 1986)

Jenny Seagrove and Stephen Collins

Jenny Seagrove, Stephen Collins & Deborah Kerr

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